Plastics is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, with an economic impact exceeding $100 billion annually and providing approximately 1.5 million jobs. Plastics is a global growth industry, having averaged about 15% growth per year for the last 20 years. Plastics is the largest industry in Ohio.

Products made by the plastics industry range from simple articles like bottles and cups to highly intricate molded parts for the automotive, electronics, and medical products industries. Their production requires knowledgeable technologists who can design a product, select the best plastic for that product, design a mold, and establish the optimum operating conditions for the machines that are used to mold the product. The plastics engineering technology program prepares you to become a member of the team that accomplishes these objectives.

There is tremendous demand for technically qualified personnel in the Plastics field, allowing SSU graduates to select attractive positions within the plastics processing operations and geographical location of their choice.

Plastics Engineering Technology provides a solid theoretical foundation upon which to build a thorough understanding of the polymer processing operations. Extensive hands on laboratory experience is provided in order that students can apply the technical knowledge aquired, using industrial scale equipment.

The program emphasizes plastics processing operations and includes significant components in the areas of materials, part and mold design, and production methods. Graduates of the program are prepared to assume professional positions in the plastics manufacturing industry. Typical job titles are process engineer, design engineer, quality engineer, project engineer, and production manager.

In a recent interview, Dr. Larry Miller spoke on the Plastics Engineering program at Shawnee State University with Mistie Spicer of Shawnee State’s Office of Communication and legislative Affairs.

Part 1: Dr. Miller talks about career paths for Plastics Engineering Technology Students.

Part2: Dr. Miller describes Plastics Courses and what is expected of Shawnee Students.

Shawnee State University’s Plastics Engineering Technology Program offers Bachelors of Science and Associate of Applied Science degrees along with minors and certificates.